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Crystal Lace offers a unique and personalized way of honoring the departed. This exquisite urn, hand cut and crafted out of 24% lead crystal, is a beautiful combination of artistry and respect. Wrapped with intricate detail, it reflects the individual style and legacy of your lost loved one.

The Bohemian artisans who carefully expertly detailed this Crystal Lace urn captured beauty in its purest form— bright light bouncing off each faceted cut as if to honor the spirit within. It's interior matte-silver finish gives life to the outer pattern, mirroring a promise of energy that transcends beyond life.

Each handmade piece speaks for itself, telling a story of its own perfect for honoring those who have passed away— because love, much like this urn, can never be broken into pieces. It's subtle yet special design makes it ideal for any family member looking for an artistic yet meaningful tribute to their lost loved one. With Crystal Lace’s radiant light and timeless style, you can be sure that your memory will last forever – just as precious memories never fade away.

Crystal Lace Matte Silver

750,00$ Prix original
375,00$Prix promotionnel
  • Height: 29.5 cm / 11.8 inches 

    Volume: 200 in3 

    Available: matching keepsake available as a special order. 

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