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Show your love for your late loved one with a Marbella Blue cremation urn created with the highest regard for craftsmanship and beauty. Created by the esteemed Czech artisan Lukas Jaburek for Pieta Verre, this exquisite hand-blown piece of glass art is sure to honour your beloved with its elegant, non-transparent design. The beautiful blue glass rests atop a sleek black glass base adding an element of understated elegance. From start to finish, each creation is made by hand in the Czech Republic, ensuring a unique and truly special memorial to your most cherished memories. Wrap the Marbella Blue around the one you treasured, and you'll be forever reminded of the emotion and beauty. 

Marbella Cobalt Blue

  • Hauteur: 29 cm / 11 pouces

    Volume: 200 po3

    Couleur: Base noire avec couvercle bleu

    Pochette en satin blanc incluse

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